Wells Fargo 12 Month Zero Interest Financing 

We Offer 60 Month Zero Interest Financing On Tempur-Pedic and

12 month Zero Interest Financing On Orders Over $599.00.

We Recomend Calling Or Coming By The Store For Approval.


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We Also Offer Progressive Leasing

Try their new online purchase options right now! No credit needed. 

Click the link below to begin the application process. 



Please, assure that your personal information is kept private by using a secured website with Progressive Leasing.

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Leasing Purchase Options

Progressive Leasing Benefits

  • Fastest No Credit Needed - Best Choice!
  • No Paystub Copies Needed.
  • 90 Days Payment Option.
  • Online Signature.
  • Auto Draft Payments.
  • Initial Payment only $49 plus tax for Merchandise Leased.

** Service described is a rental – or lease purchase program provided by Prog Leasing, LLC or its affiliates. The initial payment is $49. All remaining lease payments will be determined by the cash price of the leased item and the frequency of payments. You will not own the leased merchandise or acquire ownership rights unless you make 12 months of payments or exercise an early purchase option. Not all applicants are approved. See lease for details.

Progressive Minimum Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must have valid Social Security Number or ITIN
  • Have routing and account numbers for an open and valid checking account
  • Have a Credit or debit card

Have any questions?  Please, Call Owens Home Furnishings Team at  817-202-9859.



Now Offering Merchants Preferred Finance Option

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